Pre Registration Talk 2020-03-02 14:50:00

The club will hold a pre registration talk for parents of current and new underage players. The talk will take place in the complex, upstairs hall, 

on Monday next, March 9th at 7pm. 

Topics covered:

1. Introduction and club history

2. Juvenile section goals

3. Introduction to juvenile coaches

4. Practical tips to help young hurlers

5. Equipment, discounted helmets etc.

6. Registration, child protection, GDPR, insurance

7. What can you do?

  • encourage and play together, home or at the club
  • volunteer as an assistant coach. Your child will always remember that! Come up afterwards.

Tea and biscuits afterwards!!   

"Let no one say the best hurlers belong to the past, they're with us now and better yet to come" - Christy Ring


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